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INSTAGRAM (hsckorea) ‘2023 Gyeonggi Support for calculating carbon emissions

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  • 2023-08-23 17:25:19
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HSC contracted ‘2023 Gyeonggi Support for calculating carbon emissions' from Gyeonggi FTA global business center and Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL)

Gyeonggi FTA global center expects that it will be a practical support for small and medium-sized companies through consulting to support carbon emission calculation, which supports small and medium-sized companies that lack diagnosis and consulting when promoting carbon neutrality and emission reduction for ESG management activities.

The Gyeonggi FTA Center expects the consulting to provide practical support to small and medium-sized companies that are struggling with ESG management activities.

In particular, the 10 selected companies that participated in the agreement are expected to not only calculate carbon emissions (SCOPE 1 to 2), but also prepare guidelines for carbon emission management systems and reduce costs to strengthen their capabilities to reduce emissions and respond to the climate crisis.

Kang Kyung-sik, head of the center said, "We are accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral society worldwide. The international community's awareness of carbon neutrality is growing as major countries and institutions around the world, including the EU's CBAM, have also begun to announce related regulations.” And “We will take the lead in realizing carbon neutrality by supporting selected companies to respond well to CBAM, global supply chain management, and ESG-related regulations."


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