Herkin 3000

Revitalization Plus Herkin

Skin Scrubber has functions that remove diry and make up the skin with deep cleansing, This vibrates 28,000 times per 1 second. Skin revitalization is advanced perfectly.

Resilience Plus Herkin

Ultrasonic Massager has functions that help lifting and massage your face with a million times taps per 1 second. Skin resilience is advanced perfectly.

Moisture Plus Herkin

Vitamin Twister has functions that cause your skin to absorb moisture and nutrient directly into your skin. Skin moisture is advanced perfectly.


Weight 2.3Kg
Skin Scrubber 28KHz
Ultrasonic massager 1MHz
Vitamin Twister Max 1.5A
Dimensions 220 × 202 × 88mm
Power AC 100V, 220V, 50/60Hz, 60VA